John John Paul Rudolph is a 22 year-old recent music graduate. His vocal talent and style has been compared to that of Josh Groban, Michael Bublé, Donny Osmond, Andy Williams, and many other artists whom John Paul himself idolizes. John Paul brings an interesting twist to each of the songs he sings, personalizing them to fit his own unique style of music.

John Paul comes from a background of vocal talent, with singers on both sides of his family. John Paul's younger brother Matthew and three of his cousins, all sisters, also sing. Matthew sings backup for John Paul on "You Raise Me Up" while the eldest of the three cousins, Rebecca, duets with John Paul in "All I Ask of You." All five of the "cousins" are features in 3 albums by Rose of Sharon Media, a music ministry started by John Paul's mother in 1997; with one album soloing Rose Marie Rudolph's voice.

John Paul's debut album, Reflections, is a collection of songs that he holds closest to his heart. John Paul shares his personal thoughts on Reflections:

"These songs have had a significant impact on my life as a young musician... I wanted to sing them as a thank you to all my musical influences... But especially for my mom, who has been my greatest musical influence. She has a beautiful voice herself and has been extremely supportive of me in all my endeavors. Reflections is dedicated to her for her love and support. Thanks Mom!"




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